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Signs of marital discord .. How to save your marriage from the decision to separate?

Signs of marital discord .. How to save your marriage from the decision to separate?
Your marriage becomes unhappy if you no longer share the future plans with your partner
A happy marriage depends on love, trust and mutual respect, but no one knows when the relationship between husbands can become bitter so that it cannot be tolerated, it may be due to a number of simple matters and common misunderstanding, and marriage may suffer from serious problems indeed, whatever the reason is, When the couple is stuck in a miserable marriage, this is a stressful situation for both parties.

Usually, a person is not in an unfortunate marital relationship overnight, and it is possible to reach this point without realizing it.

In many cases, husbands refuse to acknowledge the existence of real marital problems and assume they are transient, and they will be able to overcome them, and by the time each of them realizes that their marriage is in trouble, it is too late and not much can be done to save their marriage.

Marital strife
In her article "Signs of Unhappy Marriage" on "Links of Love" and Corin Miller in her article, each of the Indian writer Beedisha Mukherjee identifies six signs that you are living without love - on Prevention - are signs of unhappy marriage:

*Battles and repeated arguments, which can sometimes turn into abuse or violence.

*Lack of communication between the two partners, and occurs when the couple is separated from
  each other to the point that they do not feel the need to have a conversation or discussion about any

*The emotional bond - which often keeps a couple together - is missing. As a result, dreams or future
   plans are no longer shared.

*There is a fixed distance between the spouses, one of which cannot be crossed due to the
  psychological barrier, and therefore each person has an independent life that the other does not
  know much about.

*Other things in your life come first. Work, money pressures, and family obligations have a certain
  way to absorb romance from your relationship. If you notice this already but you don't care, this is
  evidence that your marital relationship is in danger.

*Indifference is a strong feeling. If you don't really care if your partner does something that might
  bother you or was bothering you in the past, then you really live in an emotionally arid environment.

*Your partner does not appreciate your effort, if you try to revive your relationship and your partner
  does not appreciate what you are trying to do and does not do the same then you are in real trouble.

*The frequency of making love has decreased or there is no intimate physical relationship.

Also, these couples often avoid including their partner in their lives. When they are at home, they keep themselves busy watching TV or reading books. And when they are outside, they prefer to spend time with their friends or indulge in other activities without the other's involvement.

Treating an unhappy marriage
There are some steps that, when taken into consideration, can help restore warmth and happiness in a marital relationship, some of which are as follows:
Signs of marital discord .. How to save your marriage from the decision to separate?
The absence of a desire to talk or discuss daily problems is a sign of marital strife
1. Improve communication
The first step is to start sharing your feelings, fears and expectations with your partner, and in this way you can remove many confusions and misunderstandings that occurred between the two of you. It is not only a relief to anger, but an open discussion on the issues that bother you.

2. List what you want from marriage
Make a list of everything you want from marriage, your list can include things like your desire for honesty, sincerity and attention from the other party, be sure to put everything on your list and then try to see what is available and what you want to work to provide through you and through the party The other one. This step will help you start dealing with your unhappy marriage.

3. Forgive your partner
If your wife / husband made mistakes in the past which made you unhappy, try to forget this incident and forgive your partner. This is not easy, but you can try it for the desire to continue the marriage.

Also, continuing to feel angry and wanting to be grieved makes you more depressed. If you can forgive, you will feel free and beautiful around you.

4. Stay positive
When you receive negative feedback from your partner, it is very important to keep yourself positive inside. Do not stop caring for your personal needs, otherwise you will lose motivation and feel depressed as this is not good for your physical and mental health, maintain your physical health by eating healthy food, exercising regularly, and sleeping for eight hours at night. Try to calm your thinking by engaging yourself in the activities you love to do.
Signs of marital discord .. How to save your marriage from the decision to separate?
It is important to spend quality time exclusively with each other
5. Have fun
We all live a busy life where we fail to provide time to spend with the life partner, as a result of which misunderstandings, regrets, and discomfort from the other party appear, leading to an unhappy relationship. To get rid of all these negative feelings, it is important to spend some good time exclusively with each other.

Plan this into your schedule so you can devote at least one hour per day to your wife. You can also set aside one weekends away from all other things in your life.

6. Break
During that time, think about how you feel, the opportunity for yourself to be alone may make things clearer and know what you want and what is missing.

Finally, the only person you can change is yourself. Once you change for the better, your marriage will likely change for the better.

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