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To get rid of belly, stay away from 5 foods

To get rid of belly, stay away from 5 foods
There are things that play a role in the proliferation of fats, especially in the lower abdomen

"Belly rumen" belly fat, a nightmare that both men and women are troubled. Doctors agree that fat in this part of the body is the most stubborn, how to get rid of it?

There are things that play a role in the proliferation of fats, especially in the lower abdomen. These factors are:

1- Unhealthy foods.

2- The stress we are experiencing in our life today.

3- The hormonal factor that explains the phenomenon of hate, especially in men.

The danger of these fats - regardless of the aesthetic factor - is that they are among the most dangerous fats because they cause diseases such as type 2 diabetes, or angina, in addition to increasing blood pressure and disrupting the metabolism process. So doctors recommend getting rid of belly fat as quickly as possible.

In this context, nutritionist Sana Morris, author of the famous book "The High Fat Diet", outlined what became known as the "high-fat diet" system.

Here we offer five types of foods that should be dispensed to get rid of rumen:

1- Juice
It is known that the percentage of sugar in fruit juice is very high, and therefore it is preferable to eat juices in very limited quantities. The problem here is that "people think that fruit juice is the natural and most suitable supplier of vitamin C for the human body, but what people do not know is that when the fruit is squeezed, its tissues are lost," as Dr. Sarah Braver told the German website, "Fit For Van", adding that only " By eating a whole grain of fruit, the body gets all the substances that ensure healthy intestinal microbes. " Thus, it is preferable in breakfast to eat a whole orange instead of squeezing it.

2- Ice cream
As temperatures rise, the desire to eat ice cream increases, it is tasty and refreshing in a way that covers its seriousness. That is why Greek yogurt can be a healthy alternative to ice cream.

Greek yogurt can be mixed with pieces of fruit or coffee, for example, and placed in the fridge. Thus it becomes refreshing like ice cream, with a much higher calcium content, and it also helps with digestion. Plus, Greek yogurt gives you a feeling of fullness.

3- Potato chips
Crunchy potato chips are absolutely unhealthy foods, and they are high in salt and animal fats. Here there is no better substitute for nutty protein rich and good vegetable fats. And most of the medical studies conducted on the nut showed how effective it is in preventing obesity and getting rid of fats because it increases the frequency of the metabolism process or what is known as metabolism.

4- Red meat
Eating too much sausage and red meat must end with obesity and health disturbances. Food stores offer less meat and market them as 'better'. But medical studies say the opposite. It leads to fat growth around the organs.

That is why it is best to eat fish even if it is full of fat, like salmon. Fish are rich in omega-3, which helps blood circulation and protect the heart.

Mosley (a general dish of oats, nuts, and fruits) contains high sugar levels. And when eaten at breakfast, the measurement of blood sugar rises directly, but suddenly it descends to make people feel hungry. In Marbar, a nutrition specialist for the German website, "Fit for Van", explained that "breakfast, which depends on carbohydrates and lacks protein and fiber, can provide us with energy, but for a temporary period after which we feel hungry." For this, instead of Moselle, he prefers eating an egg alongside avocado and a piece of barley bread.

Source: Deutsche Welle, German

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