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The brain needs training to grow. Here are ways to improve mind performance

The brain needs training to grow. Here are ways to improve mind performance
Deciphering mental puzzles and games are a real challenge for the mind

Brain training has already become a trend, especially after the emergence of appropriate courses and programs aimed at spreading this approach between people.

The mind is just like the body, the brain needs training in order to grow and remain in good condition, to protect our cognitive abilities from deterioration.

In a report published by the Russian "FPR", the author, Potapova Elizabeth, reviewed a set of methods that help improve the performance of the mind:

Decipher mental puzzles and games
It is recommended to choose games that depend on mathematics, speech and logic, and allocate 15 minutes daily to play these games.

Deciphering mental puzzles and games is a real challenge for the mind, as solving crossword puzzles, chess and other games that require mental activity can improve the speed of the brain and memory.

Practice meditation
Meditation has a positive effect on the mind and brain activity. During meditation, another state of mind is created as completely different processes begin in the brain, indicating that using this technique can ensure that the brain's performance improves.

Scientific studies have proven that our brains are affected by the food we consume, so foods that block circulation and block blood vessels, such as snacks, salt, sugar, soda, and all products that contain fast carbohydrates and saturated fats should be abandoned.

So it is recommended to diversify the diet and add fish, seafood, eggs, milk, nuts, grains and herbs, as well as vegetables, dried fruits, honey and berries.

A story telling of a person is a brain training, and to do so try to tell it beautifully and inspiringly, so that listeners are interested and enjoy what is being told to them, as well as mastering some special techniques that aim to keep people interested not only in the story but also in its narrators.

Turn off the TV
TV negatively affects the performance of the mind, so it is advised to turn it off, knowing that the news that is shown on TV channels is also broadcast on the Internet and on social media. Information should be filtered and spend a lot of time training the mind.

Traditional fitness
Training develops the brain, therefore it is recommended to learn new exercises regularly in order to improve the performance of the mind, as exercising regularly helps improve the level of memory and ability to focus, reduce stress, reduce mental stress and improve the rate of metabolism.

Reading books
Reading books, classic works, and texts of authors from ancient times are among the methods that help improve the performance of the mind, and access to different periods of time and cultures.

Learn new skills
Learning new languages ​​helps to master new skills and stimulate many areas of the brain at one time, and it is considered one of the exercises that helps in developing intelligence, as well as the brain's ability to perceive new information and learn.

Changing habits
Changing some habits such as walking in another way, opening the door with one hand and climbing the stairs instead of the elevator are ways that help awaken the brain and distract it from established habits, and make it more alert.
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