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Self-leather buffs .. 3 facts you should remember when you feel unimportant

Self-leather buffs .. 3 facts you should remember when you feel unimportant
When you feel that you are not important in life, remember that your value comes from yourself

You think you need to make progress and to be a bright beam of light all the time, but the truth is that we often cannot feel better until we face some collapse, so if you feel lost at times, this can indicate what you need to heal inside yourself.

And if you are suffering from silence, constantly whipping themselves and feeling worthless in life, especially when they compare themselves to others, here are three things that you should remember.

1. Your value comes from yourself
God has created you in the best of terms, so you are of immeasurable value, no matter how you view yourself as flaws.

Margarita Tartakovsky says in her article titled "When You Feel You Don't Be Important" on Psych Central: "Don't believe everything you think about", you should be convinced of this saying, especially when you are going through some difficult and frustrating things about yourself, as it is without Healthy and stressful give a lot of strength to negative thoughts that pass on your mind.

One of the things that will make you change for the better is the feeling of satisfaction, and you cannot feel complete satisfaction until you are able to accept, acknowledge and appreciate your place. It also helps you focus on progress rather than perfection and the extent you have reached instead of the remaining distance.

2. You have special divine grants
Mark Merrick, a writer interested in educational affairs, says that everyone has divine grants and special strengths, and if you do not know what sets you apart, ask a question to five close family members and friends: "What do you think makes me special?" Your understanding of the fact that you have value and have much to offer your family and the world.

On your way to discover yourself and your talents, you can help others. This gives you a feeling of contentment and happiness.

I'm looking for someone to help, try something simple in the beginning, or start with something big, says Anna Cyril in her blog post, The Art of Pure Life. A neighbor might go through a difficult circumstance and need to speak to someone, so be yourself.
Feeling satisfied is what makes you change for the better
Feeling satisfied is what makes you change for the better
3. You are not alone
Make sure that everyone suffers from feelings of worthlessness, or a sense of lack of importance in life at some stage of life, during adolescence, youth, work or after marriage, so you are not alone in this.

"Those you compare yourself to others also compare themselves," says Anna Siri, "and those who seem to own everything are not really. When you look at other people through a lens of empathy and understanding rather than jealousy and judgment, your better ability to see them as human beings. They are beautiful beings." Incomplete, we are undergoing the same challenges that we all face. "

"People share and talk about the salient points of their lives all the time, not their weaknesses. You may feel anxious and sad, and feel unhappy after visiting Facebook or Instagram. You end up feeling that you don't have a beautiful life like the rest. But if you talk With a lot of people whose lives seem amazing on the communication sites, you will find them telling you: I feel sad, I feel that no one cares about me, I feel lonely;
Feeling satisfied is what makes you change for the better
Feeling satisfied is what makes you change for the better
You must love yourself
One of the biggest causes of self-loathing, Margarita Tartakovsky says, is the urgent need to "correct it". We strive for success, and when we fail we feel of no value to us, but what we do not realize is that there are achievements within ourselves, regardless of how often we fail.

Instead of hating yourself to falter, give yourself a second and third try, until you make the progress you hope for.

Telling yourself that you are worthless and that you are a failure will not make you more successful, it will not help you live up to your full potential or achieve a higher position.

The only way to achieve self-esteem is to love yourself, no matter who you are and where you stand, even if you know you want to change.

You are just what you are. And self-esteem will be a little easier each time you remind yourself.

Mark Merrick says: You need love because it is the greatest gift you can get during difficult times when you feel frustrated and failure, and when you are in a state of anger, shame, anxiety or depression, it is difficult to accept love and understanding from others; do not allow it and enjoy love and happiness Around you.

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