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How long is a baby shower? How do you protect him from sudden death?

The sleeping bag protects the infant from the risk of sudden death syndrome
The German magazine "Child and Family" reported that the skin of infants is very sensitive, it is about 30% thinner than adult skin, as well as the lack of natural skin barrier growth, and thus it exposes to dehydration faster.

The magazine, Family and Child, added that, accordingly, the rate of infant bathing should not exceed three times a week, explaining that it is sufficient with normal skin to use pure water with the possibility of using a gentle shower gel on the skin intended for infants.

In the case of dry skin, you can shower with almond oil, as it moisturizes the skin and gives it a soft feel like silk.

It is important that the water temperature does not exceed 37 ° C, and that the bathing time does not exceed 10 minutes.

For the proper care of infant skin, care products that are free of preservatives and aromatics should be used, as they may irritate the infant's skin and cause allergic reactions, such as lanolin and paraben.

Cloth diapers
The magazine also reported that diapers are better than ready-made diapers for infants with sensitive skin.

She explained that the cloth diapers made of cotton do not contain chemicals, and they are well-ventilated, and therefore do not cause the child's skin irritation, redness, blisters and wounds, in what is known as "diaper inflammation."

To avoid diaper infection, the diaper should be changed regularly, especially if the child has diarrhea, taking into account cleaning the skin with only pure water or oil, and not using soap, as it causes dry skin and attacks the natural protective layer against it.

Then the skin should be dried well, since moisture enhances the chances of infection with fungi.

Sleeping bag
For its part, German magazine "Kinder" reported that the infant needs a sleeping bag to protect him from the danger of what is known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

The magazine on the family and the child explained that the risk of sudden death threatens the infant during sleep because of his slipping under the bed cover, and then subjected to suffocation, which does not happen when wearing a sleeping bag.

"The Kinder" added that the sleeping bag warms the infant perfectly and prevents him from being exposed to excessive heat or extreme cold, noting that it is necessary to choose a suitable size model made of a well-ventilated material that does not allow heat to accumulate but allows moisture to be absorbed quickly and drained again.

To avoid the risk of sudden infant death, the infant should sleep on his back and room temperature should be 18 ° C.

Symptoms of sudden infant death syndrome are blue in the area around the mouth or entire face, or excessive sweating during sleep, pallor of the face, and breathing stops. Ambulance should be called immediately upon observing these symptoms.

Source: German

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