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The art of reading minds .. Understand others you get what you want

The art of reading minds .. Understand others you get what you want
Vixius: I always use the methods I have learned for benign purposes and not to control minds and manipulate people

Henrik Vixius, 48, is one of the most brilliant experts in mind games and spiritual communication, not only in Sweden but around the world.

He emerged thanks to his mastery of reading people's minds, understanding what others want, and how to control them. He put all these experiences in his book, The Art of Reading Minds: Understanding Others to Get What You Want, published in Britain last month.

Vicious is proficient in programming the minds of those around him and influencing them, including that his wife Linda, when she is happy, touches her shoulder or arm. Little by little this movement in Linda's subconscious became associated with happiness, and thus the husband gained the ability to improve her mood in times of grief, once touched.

The writer Tom Auf, in a report in the British newspaper "Telegraph" that Vexius suffered a lot in childhood, because of his inability to integrate with his classmates at school, and subjected to a lot of harassment and ignored.

However, he gradually gained the social skills he lacked, studied some theories of acting and magic, read philosophy, and became interested in psychology and media. All this accumulated knowledge encouraged him to leave his work in the field of advertising and communication, and in just two years became a presenter of a television program and a famous author.

"I always use the methods I have learned to make others understand me, trust me, and believe in the possibility of cooperation between us for the benefit of both parties," Vexius said. This may sound opportunistic, but these methods can be used for benign purposes, not to control and manipulate people's minds.

The writer presented some of the tricks possessed by Vixius, which improve his communication with others, and influence them, what are these tricks?

How do you make children do what you want?
One of Vixius' favorite tricks, he never tries to order a child not to do something or stop doing it.

 Instead, the expert, a father of three between the ages of 8 and 19, prefers to tell them what he wants them to do. A child's mind cannot refrain from doing something he or she wants unless we stimulate and divert attention to something else.

How do you make your colleagues do what you want?
Lexus believes that instead of sticking to their own ideas, others walk behind your ideas in the workplace. The way you start talking is, "Did you know I was thinking about what you said before, and I think your words are right."

Once the conversation is initiated in such a positive way, your idea can be passed on to them while making them feel that it is thanks to them. I always do this in business meetings, and it is impossible to attribute and praise someone's idea, and then say that it is not his idea.

How to relieve anger?
Vicious says in his book: If you find yourself in front of an angry person, it is best to completely avoid the words describing anger. Perhaps the other party is making a great effort to control and retain his feelings for himself, so the last thing he needs is to stand before him and say "you look very angry."

Vexius asserts that the best behavior, in this case, is to stay away from him and return later after the revolution of his anger subsides.

If the postponement is not possible, the best way to deal with an angry person is to show support and understanding about what makes him angry, using phrases like "If I were you, my reaction would have been the same, and I would feel angry. Would you like to pour some coffee?"

How to build links with others?
We all have favorite words that they keep repeating, and they may be general industry-specific terms or words we picked up from someone else who was affected. We often repeat them intensely without noticing it, which makes them linked to our personality.

The fastest way to build solid bonds with someone is to pay attention to those words that characterize his talk, which he likes to use. Then quote his words and speak his language, to make him feel that you really care about him and love him. The understanding between them will be easy, as you adopt the same phrases.

How to read someone's mind?
The theory of reading hints suggests that individuals look in a particular direction at a time when they are engaged in visual, hearing, or tactile activity. This experience can be done with a close friend, by observing the movement of his eyes while talking about a variety of subjects.

For example, tell him: I want you to imagine that you now see your closest friend in front of you, and now I want you to imagine hearing the voice of someone who was close to you, and then asking him to remember how he felt when he embraced Aziz long ago.

Then ask him to think of one of these three experiences, which were most enjoyable and important to him, without speaking. You will notice that the movement of his eyes silent will match the movement while imagining one of the three scenarios that I presented to him at the beginning. So you can tell him his favorite experience.

Source: British Press

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