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Qualities of the ideal husband .. 25 behavior followed by a man loving his wife

25 attributes of ideal couples

Wives constantly need to feel love, understanding, emotional security, romance, affection, personal appreciation and sincerity of the relationship, and also to those who listen to them and praise their beauty, but more importantly, there are also some behaviors and not words that the husband still has to do in order to prove that he really loves his wife.

According to the author d. Robert Lewis, there is a list of 25 adjectives for couples who love their wives, and include the following verbs:

Future plans
1 - puts his wife in all his perceptions and plans about the future.

2. Discuss domestic responsibilities with her and ensure that they are distributed equitably between them.

3. Consult with them on all major financial decisions.

4. He keeps the promises he made to his wife.

5. Understands the needs of his children and the requirements of their age.

6. Know the different stages of his marriage and what problems are expected to go through.

Family traditions
7. He repeatedly tells his wife what he loves.

8. Provides basic financial living expenses for his family.

9. Avoids anything distracting from talking to his wife and family.

10. He prays regularly with his wife.

11. Establishes some useful family traditions that they perform as a family.

Take responsibility
12. Organize pleasant family outings on a regular basis.

13. He spends time with his children to give them practical instructions and guidance in life.

14. Develop a schedule of domestic work, anticipate pressure points and develop solutions.

15. Maintains his family without debts.

16. Ensure that he and his wife have made a will or plan for the future of their children.

17. His wife and children are not distanced from his private life.

18. He bears spiritual responsibility for his family.

Courage to apologize and praise
19. He publicly mentions his wife and thanks to her.

20. Explain the sensitive things to his children in a way that gives them a healthy perspective on life.

21. He encourages his wife to develop and achieve in her personal and professional life.

22. It takes the initiative to identify sound family values ​​that must be taken into account by every member of the family.

23. Saves time for his wife to pursue her personal interests.

24. Participates in small groups of men interested in their family life.

25. He is ready to say "I am sorry, forgive me" to all his family.
Are you ready to say "I'm sorry, forgive me" for the whole family?
Qualities of a perfect husband
According to writer Sabrina Alexis, there are some other qualities of a man that make him the ideal husband, including:

He loves his wife's good qualities, accepts the bad, without making her feel guilty for having flaws. It does not need to hide its true self from it, to become what it believes it wants. They are not vulnerable and feel safe doing so.

It exists when you need it, even if it is not suitable for her, the certainty that the husband will be there for her when she needs it, and that he will stand by her in the darkest circumstances.

Respect for values, that the husband - as well as the wife - respect the values ​​and preferences of lifestyle to each other, so that they can stand on the common ground of the agreement and pray for the benefit of the family to the satisfaction of both parties.

A partner, not a follower, he respects everything about his wife: her thoughts, her ambitions, her opinions, the things she says, and her work. It does not make her feel bad about the circumstances of her life and the choices she has made.

Make an effort to make the family success, if there is a problem, he wants to find a way to solve it, wants to work harder, to do his best.

Communication between spouses, even on difficult issues, even if one spouse resents the other.

Trustworthy, this makes you feel safe when you are open and honest with him and don't be afraid to violate that trust by him or use anything against you.

He cares about small things, for example, he knows what his wife likes and dislikes, helps her to wear her coat, listens to her.

Self-denial, despite his preoccupation, is keen to spend time with his family, and he still prepares surprises that he knows will delight everyone as the head of the family.

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