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How to behave if your coworker is narcissistic?

If you notice that your colleague often boasts of his accomplishments, he is probably narcissistic

Most of us have already worked with a colleague who has malicious behaviors that may take many forms: some seem to never do their share of work or the reach of the slogan "the end justifies the means" even at the expense of their colleagues' future or even their honor. Psychologically troubled.

But what about the requirements of working with narcissists? You've probably heard about them a lot. Folklore culture and politics are full of bad examples. So, if you notice that your colleague often boasts of his accomplishments or pretends to do work that you just did to get credit and praise, it's probably narcissistic.

In this context, you may wonder what you can do just to protect yourself.

Not all narcissists are malignant, so the first and most important step is to determine the type of person you work with because what all narcissists share is the belief that they are special and have a lot to offer the world. As a result, narcissists often compete for leadership positions that make them influential people and gain wide influence.

In a report published by Fast Company magazine, Art Markman talked about how to deal with coworkers who are narcissistic. In fact, all narcissists believe they are special and have more to offer the world than the world can offer them.
Narcissists often compete for leadership positions that earn them prestige
Mania of greatness
Narcissists think they are really special, but they don't have the talent to listen to others and benefit from them. This group of people tends to see their ideas succeed, so making these narcissists feel the idea comes from them is feasible for them.

Many of those in leadership positions, from politicians to businessmen and actors, have this kind of narcissism, some of which may have a positive impact and do a great deal of good in the world.

If you find yourself working with a narcissist with obsessive grandeur, you need to realize that you will have some difficulties securing your contributions and getting the praise you deserve, as narcissists often try to grab the balance of achievements in their sphere of influence.

However, narcissists who master their jobs will also find better avenues where their achievements are recognized by their managers. Therefore, if you are a loved colleague at the heart of your narcissistic colleague, you are likely to be in that person's exclusive circle, and you may have the opportunity to assume more important positions within the institution.

The weak narcissists
Not every narcissist is necessarily a good person. In particular, weak narcissists have the same characteristics as great narcissists but rely on the energy and achievements of others to support their self-confidence and self-esteem.

The weak narcissists feed on the energy of their best colleagues, so they always need to strengthen their abilities and those who feel valuable.

And when you are in the narcissist circle, you can feel special because these narcissists create some kind of exclusive community. However, if you criticize the weak narcissist or even fail to support his ideas, his calm temper may turn out to be anger, and he can also make bad rumors about your work performance.

Even when you feel that you belong to the close circle of weak narcissists, this is unlikely to help you in your career. For a weak narcissist, getting his safety permanently is not part of his considerations. He will continue to rely on receiving praise at the expense of his colleagues' achievements.

At the same time, the weak narcissist seeks to blame others for professional failures without taking any responsibility. Therefore, you will have difficulty recognizing the merit of your achievements by anyone higher than you in the organization itself.
The best strategy for dealing with a weak narcissist is to stay as far away as possible
Dealing with the narcissist
Frankly, the best strategy for dealing with a weak narcissist is to stay as far away as possible. After all, anyone who spends some time around a weak narcissist will feel indignant.

If this weak narcissist is not just a coworker but your immediate supervisor, you need to find a way out of the work authority under that person. If you can find an ally elsewhere in your organization, you can use your contacts to move to another unit.

If not, you can update your resume and do your best to find another job, otherwise, your career will be a constant struggle to avoid being targeted during the next tantrum.

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