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Coffee is good for health .. This is the number of cups that are recommended daily

Drinking more than six cups of coffee a day increases the risk of heart disease by 22% (Deutsche Welle)
Many people around the world start their day with a cup of coffee, it improves mood and increases activity and has many health benefits, including that it reduces the risk of premature death and heart disease can also resist depression and add happiness to those who drink it, as well as it helps to burn body fat, as it contains It also protects against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.

But despite these benefits, coffee also has its own risks, especially when consuming large amounts of it, as it can raise blood pressure and increase the risk of heart attacks, what is the right amount, and how many cups should not be exceeded daily?

Many researchers have also answered this question, and have conducted several studies to answer it, including a recent study conducted by an Australian university, the researchers found the result to know the right amount of coffee consumption and therefore do not harm the body.

a study
During the study, researchers at the University of South Australia analyzed data from 347,77 people aged 37 to 73, stored by the British Biobank, according to the German site "Inverankin".

According to the study, drinking more than six cups of coffee a day increases the risk of heart disease by 22%.

"About three billion cups of coffee are consumed every day around the world. Knowing the limits and what is beneficial and harmful is essential," says Professor Elena Hyubenen, who participated in the study.

"It's a lot of life," she says. "It's about knowing the right amount that, if you get past one, it hurts your body."

The study suggests that consuming excess caffeine increases the risk of developing high blood pressure, which in turn may lead to another heart disease.

It should be noted that the proportion of caffeine is related to the quality of coffee, roasting, concentration, and method of preparation, as well as the length of the body and weight and health status of the person, according to the website of the German magazine "Stern" well known.

The consumption of 400 milligrams of caffeine is not harmful to a healthy adult.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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