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Here are 12 ways to overcome loneliness

Here are 12 ways to overcome loneliness
Feelings of loneliness can easily turn into discontent toward good friends and even family members
It's easy to feel isolated from others as if you don't belong to any social group, despite the intensity of the world around you.

If you often feel lonely, know that you are not the only one. More people than ever feel lonely.

To overcome feelings of loneliness, you need to be aware of the nature of your emotions, understand yourself well, and be prepared to make drastic changes in your life.

In an article in the US magazine "Kerryos Mind Magazine", the writer Riley Cooper presented 12 ways in which you can overcome feelings of loneliness.

1. Get rid of self-deprecation
Loneliness makes you see things from a negative perspective. For example, if a friend doesn't send you a text message, you can easily think that he hates you. What you need to know is that feelings of loneliness can easily turn into discontent toward good friends and even family members.

So spend more time with people close to you and have an honest conversation with them. Do not hesitate to visit your relatives once or twice a month, sharing health activities that remind you of the good things around you.

2. Overcome self-doubt
The feeling of loneliness develops easily and you lose confidence. And when you suffer from this feeling will inevitably begin to question the credibility of your loved ones love you. Moments of doubt can turn into insecurity and even anxiety, making you want to stay away from everyone around you.

To avoid this, be aware of your value and treat yourself as if you deserve more. Remind yourself that others love you in all your situations.
When you have feelings of loneliness, it does not mean that you are alone in the world
3. Loneliness does not mean that you are alone
Losing a family member or friends, or meeting an old friend and retrieving bad memories provokes feelings of loneliness and makes you feel lonely. But what you need to remember is that just because you have feelings of loneliness does not mean that you are alone in the world and that you are not surrounded by people who really love you and care about you.

4. Never blame yourself
Blaming yourself makes you feel bad about yourself. What you need to understand is that we each have a different life and feel lonely because of a variety of circumstances, so it's no use comparing yourself to others or blaming yourself.

5. Support and take care of others
In this age, we have become so engrossed in our own problems that we forget others and inadvertently ignore them.

If you show more interest in the problems of others, you will see that feelings of loneliness are common in many people. So focusing on the feelings of someone else who is lonely and having an open and in-depth conversation with them will be beneficial to both of you.
Your interest in hobbies such as reading can help you overcome loneliness more easily
6. Stay away from negativity
If you want to overcome loneliness, you should distance yourself from the people who contribute. There is no point in expecting support and love from lonely people. What you need to do is direct your interest in a group that shares the same hobbies.

Craft clubs, reading and yoga are among the best groups you can join, interacting with people and participating in weekly meetings and motivational activities help you overcome loneliness more easily.

7. Make your expectations realistic
Putting logical expectations when meeting new people is a healthy and effective way to avoid feeling let down. Don't expect someone to open up to you and share their life story with you just after meeting them twice. If you don't create realistic expectations, you can easily antagonize others.

For example, a person who is close to you and busy at all times becomes selfish or unworthy of your friendship. To avoid this, make sure you don't make excessive expectations about people.
What you need to understand is that your negative feelings are an integral part of you
8. Accept your feelings
No use suppressing your feelings and hiding what you feel. What you need to understand is that your negative feelings are an integral part of you. Accept your coexistence and personality as it is, do not waste your energy to avoid anything. For this you have to always let your feelings flow freely and you have to accept them with all welcome.

9. Do something creative
When referring to creativity, it is intended to do a simple activity such as drawing, dancing or knitting. Just do an activity that will save you from thinking about loneliness and charge you with positive energy.

10. Play sports
Exercise can perform miracles for your physical and mental health. Exercise is a powerful warrior of loneliness, because it helps your body release endorphins, a chemical in your brain that makes you feel relaxed and energetic.
Maintaining your mental, physical and emotional health should always be among your main priorities
11. Take care of yourself
Instead of falling into a cycle of despair and self-pity, support yourself and explore the depths of your feelings by going on a journey and doing exciting activities. Remember that maintaining your mental, physical and emotional health should always be a key priority.

12. Don't be shy about asking for help
If you feel that you cannot overcome loneliness on your own, don't be shy or afraid to turn to your loved ones or specialists for help and support. Never forget that your loneliness will never be eternal and that you have the ability to overcome it with a little patience and empathy.

Source: American Press

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