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Why shouldn't your child's school bag carry one of these numbers?

Why shouldn't your child's school bag carry one of these numbers?

Why shouldn't your child's school bag carry one of these numbers?
No. 5 plastic is the safest in heatable packaging
A triangle with a number, or (BPA free) and (PVC), indicates the danger or safety of using the plastic product, which should be well known when it comes to choosing the food container for children in school, and these signs should not be underestimated, because they are warning signs of Plastic used.

BPA (Bisphenol Bisphenol)
A chemical used in the manufacture of food preservatives, starting from plastic bottles, and even used in the inner layer of metal containers that keep food and beverages, as well as in the inner layer of large metal containers that are used to transport food. This substance has been used since the 1960s, and has even been used for long periods in baby milk bottles.

The National Institute for Environmental Health Studies in the United States conducted an extensive study in 2004 to detect the presence of this substance in human urine after eating food or drink stored in metal containers, and despite the recognition of the Food and Drug Administration that 90% of people have a percentage of the substance (BPA) in their bodies, Excessive use may lead to severe damage to the brain and prostate, and the substance has been classified as a carcinogen; therefore, the voices calling for stopping their use, and the production of materials free of them sealed (BPA free).

Plastic No. 1
The sign (1) inside a triangle indicates that this bottle is for single use only, recycled, and not reused.It is the most widely used mark in the classification of small mineral water bottles and some plastic jars, and is safe for the first time, but when re-washed with regular detergents secrete Some harmful substances, although recycled, can make bottles of the same type or enter the world of the textile industry.
But refilling is extremely dangerous, so it is advisable to assemble it and deliver it to the nearest recycling agency, which may sometimes buy empty packages for a fee.It is difficult to obtain a food bag of this number due to the extreme plasticity of its plastic.

Plastics 3, 6 and 7
These numbers symbolize the non-use of plastic for food, may be used for the manufacture of toys or washing powder, etc., but they are not suitable for food preservation, and can be recycled, and include plastic bags that may be used by some to save or packaging food, which is not manufactured for this purpose and fast Being affected by heat and harmful chemical reaction, so there is no need to pack fruit or sandwiches, and it is not recommended to put in the cooler (freezer); they are very sensitive to heat and cold.

Plastic No. 2 and 4
It can be reused, and is present in many bottles and bottles used daily, but plastic No. (4) is difficult to recycle, but both types can be reused safely, as well as endure extreme temperatures and cold.

This type of plastic is suitable for food bags and is easy to heat food inside, or put food cooked for freezing, so it is a good choice for baby food bag.

Plastic products (5)
This type is characterized by its resistance to high temperatures, and endure extreme cold, so it can be stored safely, food can be heated in the microwave, and even washed with dishwashers on high-temperature washing programs, and is with a marker (BPA free) the safest food bags For children, especially for affordable prices when compared to plastic (2) or (4).

Perfect replacement
Silicon is an ideal substitute in the school food bag, as it is characterized by endurance of the oven and not only microwave, and can be reused many times, and difficult to break, and withstand the heavy use of children without changing its properties or react, and does not harm the environment.

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