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Are you looking for isolation? That's what psychologists say about you

Are you looking for isolation? That's what psychologists say about you

The character who is looking for evolution away from what we have inherited from our more intelligent ancestors than others
Is loneliness linked to depression and anxiety? Why do so many people prefer to stay with themselves and take unity as a way of life?

Some people prefer loneliness for the same reasons that others prefer mixing with others. However, this is what we reveal about your personality if you are one of those who prefer to stay away from people.

From childhood, one begins to get used to being social and integrating into his surroundings, writer Sarah Am said in a report published in the French magazine "Sun Plus".

We were also assured from a young age that the best way to learn and progress is to interact and communicate constructively with others, but we have discovered that this behavior is not the rule to follow.

You are intelligent for this prefer solitude
According to a study by the British Journal of Psycology, the more intelligent a person prefers isolation, not because he despises others, but simply because they do not socialize him.

What makes us happy today, such as friendship or social interaction, is mainly about habits and roots inherited from our ancestors.

On the other hand, the character who seeks evolution away from what we have inherited from our ancestors is more intelligent than others. They also believe that survival has nothing to do with our social presence, especially since socialization is an option, not an obligation.

You are good at listening to others
The search for isolation is a trump card, allowing you to better monitor and analyze the positions of others. That's why your social interactions work even if they are rare, because you take the time to find out who you are talking to.

In addition, loneliness also helps you improve your listening skills. You also have the ability to target your audience and communicate effectively.

You are independent .. Your mind and thinking is enough for you
Your appreciation of loneliness is a guarantee of your freedom in some way, even if you don't realize it.Your happiness does not depend on others and you are the master of your mood.
Moreover, you can move freely and not be affected by people leaving your life, as you continue your journey in peace, because your happiness depends only on you and not hostage to your relationship with others. In addition, you do not need friends to enjoy or spend a good evening, your mind and thinking is enough for you.

You are a sympathetic person
People who prefer isolation feel more comfortable when it comes to understanding the feelings of others who are interviewing them. As a result, the other feels that you are close to their thoughts and can be sympathetic, generous and compassionate with them.

You derive your strength from nature
The moments you spend alone lead you to face your fears and the worst moments of your inner miracles, it also teaches you to control and direct your emotions, as well as enables you to determine the severity of their impact on you, making your personality stronger. Because you have learned to control yourself, your outdoor environment no longer affects you.

Source: British Press

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