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You have exceeded your fifth contract and are looking for a job .. Renew your resume

You have exceeded your fifth contract and are looking for a job .. Renew your resume

You have exceeded your fifth contract and are looking for a job .. Renew your resume
Change the way your CV is displayed (web sites)

The autobiography that opened doors to you a few years ago seems today to be out of date. If you have exceeded your fifth decade and are looking for a job, there are several mistakes to avoid when submitting your resume.

In a recent survey by the American Association of Retired Persons, which included employees aged 45 years and over, three-quarters indicated that age discrimination made them unsure of their ability to find a new job in a short time.

Daniel Burtz said in a report published by the American site "Lads" that many job seekers make mistakes when they reveal their age by referring to the year they graduated from university in their curriculum vitae.

Job seekers aged 55 to 64 spend an average of 34.5 weeks looking for work, versus 22 weeks for workers of all ages, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In this sense, there are eight errors you should avoid in your resume, lest you make a look of the deep past in your field.

Design boring autobiography
According to executive director Louise Coursmark, the biography will not be old-fashioned and in black and white. "The community is paying more attention to what is visual."

Give your resume a more modern design, add a few colors to section titles, include a colorful personal logo, and choose a contemporary font like Calipry or Palatino.

However, you must commit to using a single line, and recommends that you leave blank space on the page to make it easy to read your resume.

Mention every job you did
Your CV is a way to market yourself to employers, so presenting your past experiences, which have nothing to do with your job, is a sure way to make your career look old, according to the author of "Great CVs" by Scott Feder.

On the other hand, it is recommended to highlight the positions she has occupied over the past 10 to 15 years, with the need to add a brief reference to a job she has been working for a long time when it relates to the opportunity you are looking for.

This will help you make your CV no more than two pages, as recommended by Wordpress (one page remains the best option).

To boast of past competencies
Employers are looking for professionals who keep their skills fresh. "Talking about your proficiency in using software or software that is no longer common use is irrelevant to today's market," Feder said.

Do not add clear skills or programs like Microsoft Word. For example, if you are in the sales sector, you will want to include the Salesforce program or other recent programs in your resume.

Your old email address
"It's ridiculous to think that a harmless e-mail address like at the top of your CV might cut you off from the job race, but there are chances of it happening," says professional biologist Down Bogny. .

Instead of using your 1990s mail addresses like Hotmail or AOL, go to your Gmail account.

Make employers make an effort to reach you
Adding a hyperlink to your email address will make it easier for hiring managers to contact you for an interview. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile and other accounts on social networking sites that you use professionally.

In this context, WordPress provided a professional advice, which is to create a URL for your file on LinkedIn in order to minimize the chaos in your resume.

Highlight functional objective
In case you still retain a functional goal at the top of your resume, get rid of it, according to Dawn Bugney. Instead of mentioning what you are looking for in a job, focus on what your potential employer needs by writing a functional summary in return. It should be noted that this section should briefly explain (about 50 words) the skills and expertise that it offers, and the value it will add to the company.

Draw attention to your age
Christopher Ward said many job seekers make the mistake of disclosing their age by including their CV history in their CV, so the best approach is not simply to mention it.

Of course, this may not solve the problem. In a survey conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons, 44% of respondents who applied for a new job over the past two years reported that they were asked about their age or year of graduation.

Male what is clear
It's common to see "References available on demand", but that does not apply to what's happening today. Potential employers expect you to be able to provide references, so you do not need to waste space in your resume to use that term.

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