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Seven phrases can spoil married life

Seven phrases can spoil married life

Seven phrases can spoil married life
Words have a great power for those who use them and receive them and should not be underestimated even the smallest sentences (Pixels)

Misunderstanding will always be part of personal relationships, especially in couples relationship. For a good path, a successful approach must be applied to all aspects along the lines of communication. And of course, avoid phrases that may hurt your partner.

And the words used by a great power for those who speak to them and those who receive them. The smallest sentences should not be underestimated, as each term involves inspiration, assistance, or harm to someone. This effect is strongest when it comes to couples. That is why it is important to know seven phrases that can hurt the feelings of a life partner.

Words carry great power, so you should choose them wisely whether in the midst of controversy or even a conversation with your life partner, as there are phrases that can hurt someone's feelings.

All couples are experiencing a fluctuation in their relationship, and as a result, it is necessary to think about things before they are expressed. "Saying what you think you feel at a given moment can cause serious problems, and the end of true love is likely to end," said a report from Step to Health.

What statements may cause harm?
You probably already said these words to your partner, but there are some sentences that you should avoid saying at all costs. The following are potentially hurtful phrases, knowing that you may not realize that you may harm the ligament that brings you together by hurting your partner emotionally.

1. "Sorry but ..." Apology does not help and then says "but" in building trust, credibility or intimacy.

2- "Yes, but if you ..." may represent the heart of things to be against your partner end of conversation.

3. "You always ..." open the door to endless argument, and will make your partner feel like being attacked.

4. You're like ... "This comparison is a dangerous way to criticize a life partner, which is very hurtful.

5. "I do not know why I'm in relationship with you ..." It means that if you are brave enough to express it, you must be brave enough to end the relationship.

6 - No to insults.

7. "My ex-husband did not do it at all" to ask your current partner to be like your partner from a previous relationship, an immature position whose consequences may be disastrous.

Small attacks
Small abuse is a hidden psychological abuse because it comes from small verbal and circumstantial attacks by your partner.

In fact, small abuse is used in daily life and often becomes so familiar that it begins to turn into a part of routine that leads to low self-esteem.

For example, some phrases seem small, but they may be offensive and contain sarcastic comments like "Do not pass a day without showing me that you are an idiot, let me do it, you are a disaster" but they cause great harm. This is true even if I add the final sentence, "I tell you this out of love."

How do you behave?
The manner in which you speak greatly affects the size of the conflict. Some values ​​help prevent uncomfortable situations such as compassion, respect, humility, and generosity.

In this context, the following phrases can lead the dialogue in a good direction:

1. "What I said logical" This phrase represents an opportunity to reach a compromise with the partner of life.

"I feel (so) when you say that," When you start with this phrase, you offer an opportunity to acknowledge the feelings and enhance the trust of the life partner.

2. "I apologize if I bother you, tell me how you feel so I can understand you better ..." Ask questions to your partner and make room for conversation to understand things.

3. "Why do not we try to support each other?" This approach is sincere and calls for the union of both parties to turn the debate or end it in a positive way, as well as the importance of pleasant gestures, tone of voice, physical contact and pleasant looks also.

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