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Jealousy between the two partners .. Actions reveal how you feel

Jealousy between the two partners .. Actions reveal how you feel

Jealousy between the two partners .. Actions reveal how you feel
Jealousy worries another party in his partner's life (Getty Images)
Often, when you feel jealous you are driven to behave in a strange way, and you want to control all aspects of a partner's life to ensure that he will not betray you.
Jealousy is basically a natural feeling, but when it increases, it will inevitably affect the relationship between the partners.

In this regard, the site "Step to Health" the US in a report to the signs and indicators that reveal the feelings of jealousy excessive, and often destructive.

Not excessive
Jealousy stems from fear of losing a partner, but this feeling can develop to create a continuous conflict between the parties. Over time, things are likely to get worse and later affect the co-existence, mutual respect and love that they have.

Partner privacy control
Jealous does not respect the privacy of his partner, and often feels that he is entitled to see all the details concerning the life of the other party's own.

Jealous is concerned about the presence of another party in the life of his partner, prompting him to search the phone constantly, and search his accounts on social networks, and these actions have serious consequences.

Lack of confidence in colleagues
It is logical to have some feelings of jealousy that can sometimes be justified in some situations with friends or colleagues. However, if the jealous partner is unable to control this feeling, he may begin to assume that things are unfounded, The sympathy of the opposite sex has not been like flirtation, arousing intense anger.

Restriction of social life
Jealousy often makes the partner want to control the social life of the other party, especially when he wants to spend time with friends or family, or even when he wants to contact someone.

The jealous partner may sometimes ask to do some joint activities as a couple and cancel any projects that the other party has planned to do.

Continuous communication
It is normal for one partner to contact the other to check on him, but it is not logical to contact him at any moment and continuously, as well as jealous to do so to verify the sincerity of his partner, which creates tension and anxiety in the relationship.

Intent of treason
Sometimes jealousy can come out of control, when one realizes that his partner is not loyal just because they are not on their side all the time. Such behavior would make those who suffer from jealousy imagine that they are being betrayed and often can not separate their fears and complex fantasies from reality.

Jealousy comes out of control when you suspect that your partner is not loyal just because he is not always beside you (Pixels)

Change lifestyle
Many people think that spending more time with their partner can avoid being betrayed.

In fact, people also change their lifestyle to become more outgoing to their partner, so that they can spend more time together.

So jealouss try to control their partner's time by organizing their schedule and taking full time off.

Dissatisfaction with the partner's dress
Feelings of jealousy can simply burst because of what your partner is wearing, where you can be disturbed just by wearing his best clothes during an occasion where you are not present.

It's common to hear questions like: Why do you put make-up? Why these clothes? Why was it so late?

Confusing jealousy and love
Confusing the concepts of jealousy and love is the main feature of those who are jealous. They always justify their actions, saying they do so out of love. The jealous ones usually explain that their concern about who they love is the cause of all these criticisms and frustration, and thus continue to manipulate it.
Confusing jealousy and love is the main feature of Gyorin (networking sites)
Confusing jealousy and love is the main feature of Gyorin (networking sites)

In fact, this is not a sign of love because true love is dominated by trust and freedom.

Although it is natural to feel jealous at times, it is important to pay attention so that it does not affect our relationships.

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