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Easy ways to encourage children to read

Easy ways to encourage children to read

Easy ways to encourage children to read
Families must make a great effort to teach children to read before the age of formal education.

Periodic visits organized by families to public libraries are one of the easiest ways for families to encourage children to read and purchase books.

In this regard, more than a study by American universities reported that parents' conviction of the importance of reading is one of the most important reasons that encourages children to read.

House incentive to develop the talent of reading
According to a study by a social behavioral researcher, children usually learn by imitating adults in their environment, and that storytelling and discussion at home is an important incentive to develop reading talent in children.

The study recommends that parents create a healthy reading environment at home by beginning to read a good collection of articles, whether they are newspapers, magazines, books and stories, regardless of whether they are owned, borrowed, new or used.

House and school library
Families in America are willing to buy a small library at home. In large residential complexes, having a library or reading room is an important facility, with playgrounds, swimming pools and gardens, providing families with the opportunity to devote time to sending their children to read and play.

The school library is the most reliable resource for school students to obtain reading materials, so many schools seek to establish links to parents and teachers to discuss ways to encourage the development of students' non-systematic reading habits.

In addition, American families are making a great effort to teach children to read before school and before sending them to school, which facilitates the educational process of the school to expand interest in reading as well as basic education.

An educational supervisor at a school points out that reading is an essential part of the curriculum in the United States of America. Schools are therefore interested in providing a positive environment for encouraging children to read.

The educational supervisor points to the need to enable the child to choose the book he loves, to express himself regardless of the possibility of errors in the selection of the book, and indicate that the schools are distributing promotional coupons to enable children to buy books.

Government events encourage reading
The role of official institutions in encouraging citizens to read is that they make the book easy and easy, so it works to publish public and digital libraries and to allocate libraries in the workplace.

The authorities also organize several awareness-raising activities and programs to encourage reading to all levels of society. They also broadcast advertisements and programs on televisions, trains and streets, as well as book exhibitions throughout the year.
It should also be noted that the policy in bookstores allows customers to read books before purchase, but these stores provide additional space in their premises for this purpose.

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