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Common mistakes in raising children .. Practical tips to avoid

Common mistakes in raising children .. Practical tips to avoid
Parents must be consistent when it comes to raising their children (Pixapi)

The relationship between parents and children varies because of the different needs of children, but there are common behaviors and common characteristics of almost all parent-child relationships, particularly in adolescence and adolescence, accompanied by reactions that must be carefully studied by parents in order to avoid common educational errors.

In an article published in the journal "Today's Psychological", author Konstantin Lukin said there is a consensus that parenthood is very difficult.

Fathers of the helicopter
Adolescents may want to spend more time with their friends rather than their parents, spending weekends outside the home, and naturally feel somewhat concerned when your child is absent from But keeping him from practicing the activities he prefers alone will have a negative impact on his psyche.

Parents are called "parents of the helicopter" when one of them wishes to participate in the child's life in all its details, but it may lead the child to believe that he is unable to rely on himself, causing him to panic.

Parents should therefore allow their children to make mistakes if they are within reason, so that they can discover the secrets of life on their own.

Displace all obstacles
Parents often make a common mistake of trying to get rid of all obstacles to their children, including accompanying them while they are having social relationships or doing some homework.

In the long term, treating all your child's problems is not considered positive, as he believes that he is failing to deal with his own problems and to underestimate himself.

Cancel their presence
Parents should be cautious about their children's emotional experiences, and regardless of how exaggerated the child may be in expressing an emotional and silly reaction to an event, parents should not underestimate, disregard or neglect their child's emotional experiences. Hide their feelings, and perhaps address them in a way that is ineffective, which may worsen their psychological condition.

Emotional intelligence is very important, requiring you to learn how to understand your child's feelings without judgment.

Parental incompatibility
Parents must agree when it comes to raising their children, whether during praise, punishment, counseling, or otherwise.

Lack of harmony can negatively affect the child, disrupting his mind and creating a chaotic living environment in general.

It may seem simple, but setting an agreed strategy - helping to set boundaries that your child can not overcome, on the one hand, and enhancing his personality on the other - is more difficult than it seems.

Do not over-overeat
It may be that your child's pampering and pushing him to believe that he is an important person in your life and deserves more love and giving - materially or morally - has serious consequences, and a child who is too exaggerated to be thought to be too special and deserving of special treatment is likely to grow up His personal relationships.

Therefore, you should ask whether you are demonstrating your child because you believe that it is a good thing for him or because fulfilling all his wishes will make him love you more. On this basis, you should realize that parenting is not an easy task. You need some simple guidance to help you establish Close relationship with your child.

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